Supporting Essay

Excerpt:   "This project is about my relationship to the passing of time measured in Polaroids. It charts change in my everyday life during a finite period — specifically the duration the Earth took to orbit the Sun once. Despite the clinical tint to this measure of change, the account of this cycle is much more a documentary than a study...   read more

Contributors to the site

Andy Walker, the protagonist, handles artistic direction and content for the site from his 'command central' in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley. You can see more of his work at art.awalker.info.

Andre Beskrowni is a logician living in Austin, Texas. He combined his keen sense of the technical with his artistic appreciation to develop the technical architecture of the site.

David Chien is an illustrator and designer with a knack for playing with his NAKEDGREMLIN! He designed this site.

Marc Mucha is a devoted father and graphic designer living on the fringes of Houston. He provided initial technical advice on the digital capture of the Polaroids that comprise this project tranforming the collection from a binder to the web. View his work at Mucha Design.


Andy Walker (1997)

Marcel Molina Jr. (2001)

Jesse Demartino and Amy Duke (2003)

David Chien (2004)

Lisa Smith (2004)


Andy Walker
"365 plrds" (2002)
Not Su Oh
Houston, TX

Marcel Molina Jr.
"365 plrds" (2002)
Not Su Oh
Houston, TX

Jesse DeMartino and Amy Duke
"Forwarding Address" (2004)
Society for Contemporary Photography
Kansas City, MO


This entire site is available on DVD. Contact Andy Walker for more information.